Summer Has Arrived!

Hola everyone and apologies once again for the tardiness in updating our blog.

We are now in July and I’ve been here 2 years already! Work on the house has moved on quite a bit and our new kitchen is now finished and in full use – it’s wonderful and spacious with beautiful granite worktops – something we could never afford back in the UK. The lounge, bedroom and office have now all been redocorated and pictures put up on the walls so everything is now finished on that side of the house.

We took off the old roof next to the lounge area and have made the area into a lovely small terrace which we can now access from the new lounge and we have built a lovely little water feature to give us the tinkling of water when the weather is hot. As I type this we are waiting for the new metal stairs to arrive and be fitted to give us access to the top terrace – hopefully this should be later this week. Once they are fitted we can finish off the floor tiling on the terrace and it will be ready to use. We now have an automatic watering system so that makes it easier keeping the plants alive in the heat (we’re averaging 35 degress or more now so things dry out quite quickly).

The next job to start is to renew the flooring of the small terrace at the front of the house and get rid of the old lightwell and put something in like glass blocks to let the light in but keep the cold out in the winter.

Well that’s about all for now – the work carries on and one day we’ll be open for business as a little B&B but until then the satellite tv work keeps us ticking over.

Have a great summer whatever you do and wherever you spend it.

Hasta luego