Casa Molino Guesthouse For Sale

Are you looking for a change in your life? Well if so we may have the perfect opportunity for you – Casa Molino Guesthouse is now for sale – 169,000 Euros

Located in the peaceful village of Pinos del Valle, half way between the culture city of Granada and the beaches of the Costa Tropical in Andalucia, this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom townhouse is now for sale. Perfect as a permanent family home or a lock up and go holiday home, this property has a VTAR licence which enables it to be rented out as a self catering holiday accommodation or B&B – ideal for someone looking to suppliment their main income or to help pay for the running costs of a holiday home.

For more more information or to arrange a viewing please click on the link below and contact Anne: +34 683514428 or +44 7990 978 389 (English/Dutch/German) or Emma +44 7590 571226 (English/Spanish) at My Red Door who will be happy to assist you. Property ID #0011

A video tour of the property is available on YouTube

Orovalle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Produced in Pinos del Valle

About the Olive Oil Production Cooperative HERE IN PINOS DEL VALLE – SCA San Roque

We thought our followers might be interested to read about the Olive Oil Mill which is located at the top of our village here in Pinos del Valle.  The mill has recently started producing a premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil called OroValle and have a website with lots of information about the production process and the cooperative itself.  As the website is in Spanish we thought we’d give you an outline in English but if you’d like to know more just visit the website and use good old google translate to read the contents in English (or any other language for that matter).

The Cooperative San Roque can be found on the top road (Juncal) of Pinos del Valle, and is the producer of the Orovalle brand of extra virgin olive oil.

The Cooperative was created in 1943 and is comprised of over 200 farmers from the local area, who, following the tradition of their ancestors, care for the land and its produce with the same passion as those before them. The current mill has adapted to modern times, providing the most modern technology to guarantee quality of the product, and always meeting the most demanding of regulations. For more information about the San Roque mill and how they produce this liquid gold please visit their website:

Orovalle Extra Virgin Oil

This premier olive oil comes from the ancient olive groves of the Lecrín Valley here in the heart of Granada. Among the many treasures that this paradise offers, the most precious of fruit stands out – the olive. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Orovalle, is produced at the Cooperativa San Roque in Pinos del Valle. This product is excellent quality and the taste obtained comes from the Lechín olives used.

ABOUT The Lecin Olive

This is a productive variety of olive with great adaptability – it tolerates cold and drought and its maturation is later than other varieties. Its small fruits offer great resistance to detachment, making harvesting difficult and expensive. Its pale yellow oil contains a good level of healthy fat with a sweet and very fluid flavor, which is well renowned in the area.

Orovalle is characterized as Lechín monovarietal. Its origin comes from the cultivating of centuries-old olive trees of the Lecrín Valley, which alternate on the terraces with citrus and other fruit trees. This gives the oil its unique personality with a different flavor and aroma to that of other oils. For more information about Orovalle olive oil please visit their website.

For anyone visiting Pinos and wanting to take some of this unique product with  them to savour at home, bottles can be purchased directly from the San Roque Cooperative at the top of the village – a half litre bottle costs 6 euros.

Association Turismo Valle De Lecrin

We have now joined the association Granada Rural Sur which is a Tourism Association of the Lecrin Valley (Turismo Valle de Lecrin) to help us draw more visitors into this beautiful part of Andalucia and enjoy all that it has to offer.  See our recent entry on their website – Casa Molino Pinos del Valle

GranadaRuralSur is a Tourism Association of Valle de Lecrín, created in 2005, composed of a group of businessmen and entrepreneurs in this region south of Granada whose activities are related to rural tourism. The main objective of the association is to promote the region inside and outside our borders. The region of Valle de Lecrín is a region located in the central part of the province of Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. This region consists of eight municipalities: Niguel Albuñuelas, Dúrcal, Lecrín (where Talará, Murchas, Chite, Béznar, Acequias and Mondújar integrated), El Padul, El Pinar (composed Pinos El Valle and Izbor), El Valle (With Melegis, Restábal and Saleres) and Villamena (with Cónchar and Cozvijar).

The association has been created to help the visitor to the Valley of Lecrín find out what is on offer in the way of activities, bars, restaurants, accommodation etc. It also provides information about the rich culture, historical, natural and geological heritage of this region.

In the Valley of Lecrín there are paths of lush vegetation, peaks that pass from 3000 meters, ‘orchards’ full of orange trees smelling of orange blossom, old mills that still work, and a long list of places to visit.

The range of tourism services is composed of cozy rural houses distributed throughout the region; Small hotels and rural hostels; Restaurants where you can taste great local dishes; Wineries to enjoy the wine of the area; A balnerario and multiple companies dedicated to active tourism such as climbing, horse riding routes, walking and cycling, etc.

The route Boabdil is the best way to explore the Lecrin Valley. The route covers 113.11 km and can be completed in stages of 7 to 12 km that joins together the 18 villages of the Valley.

So what are you waiting for – book a stay with us here in Casa Molino and explore this beautiful part of southern Spain.

Walking, Trekking, Scrambling, Mountineering – Escaping the Summer Heat

If you’re planning on doing some outdoor activities such as walking, trekking, scrambling or mountaineering during the months of July or August here in Southern Spain you need to slap on the sun screen and take plenty of fluids with you as it gets HOT.  The ideal time to enjoy the great outdoors around here is Winter, Spring or Autumn when the temperatures are a little gentler than now, however if your only chance of visiting this area is during the height of summer then you may want to consider exploring the higher walking routes up in the Sierra Nevada or high above the Alpujarra as temperatures can be 10 degrees+/- lower than down here in the valley.

If you are in Lanjaron the tourist office there has plenty of information on walking routes available as does the ski area up in the Sierra Nevada (this area isn’t just for skiing – there are activities going on up there all year round – walking, mountain biking etc).

If you feel a little nervous about exploring on your own then perhaps consider some guided walking with Spanish Highs – they are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the area and our guests have been very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed their time with them.


If you’re unable to come out to Spain for your summer holiday but want to enjoy the great outdoors in the UK then why not contact Ron and Hilary at Summitreks Adventure Centre which is situated on the shores of Coniston Water in the heart of the Lake District National Park.  From Summitreks main base in Coniston they deliver activity programmes and courses anywhere in the Lake District.  If you book any activities with them please mention you heard about Summitreks from us at Casa Molino Guesthouse in Pinos del Valle.

Whatever you decide to do this summer, have a great time and enjoy the great outdoors.

Hasta luego.

Bed & Breakfast in Pinos del Valle

Well it’s been a while since we posted an update on our blog but many of you will know by now that we’ve finally completed our mega project!  Rooms are ready for B&B visitors at last.  It’s been a long journey but we got there eventually.  The last thing to sort out at the end of December 2015 was our central heating system.  We’d had the logburner with inbuilt back boiler for over 6 years but couldn’t use it until all the radiatiors were installed and pipework finally connected to the pump & overflow tank.  Finally we got the radiators fitted (really good price from Screwfix UK and Colins Eurotransport brought them over for us for a very good price.  We’ve had the system running now a few times and it’s so nice to have the main part of the house warm – it really does a great job and uses locally sourced wood to keep it running.

The winter so far has been quite mild here (bit like the UK) and as I type the surrounding hills are filled with the beautiful scent of Almond Blossom – it’s stunning walking Ginger along the tracks above Pinos in the mornings.  The evenings do get quite nippy here now (which is why we need the heating) but the days are glorious when the suns shinning.

If you’d like to sample some of this wonderful scenery then why not check out the main part of our website for more information about the house and pictures of the rooms we have to offer guests (we’re also on Facebook: – you can access this even if you don’t have a Facebook account).  There’s also lots of information & links to other websites giving visitors ideas of what activities are on offer in the local area.

Check out my recent article for blog.

We look forward to welcoming guests to enjoy this beautiful area of Andalucia.

November Brings the Snow on the Mountains

Well after a very mild October, November finally brought us the cold air and snow high up on the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  We managed to postpone the lighting of the log burner until 2nd November but then our resolve broke and we now have a warm snug lounge every evening when we light the fire.  The days continue to be bright and sunny with the odd day of rain but the temperatures have certainly dropped.  One minute we are walking about in shorts, t-shirt and sandles and the next we are in jeans and jackets!  The nights are drawing in now and by 6.30pm it’s dark so we make sure Ginger gets her walk before the light goes.

Work continues on the top floor and the landing area is nearly finished – hubby has worked really hard to get this done and we are off this week to get stair tiles ordered so he can carry on and fingers crossed by January we will have a completed stairway & landing to the top floor.  Then work commences on the 3rd bedroom & bathroom.  Fingers crossed by May this might be finished.  We are already starting to think about renting the rooms out and you may have noticed by our website that it’s been reconfigured with some info. about the Guesthouse posted.  This is a work in progress and subject to continual updates until we are ready to open but it gives an idea of what will be on offer.  So if you fancy a long weekend break or a few days up on the ski slopes give us a call and we will get you booked in.

End of Summer 2014 – Autumn on it’s way

Well the heat of summer has gone and we now have more comfortable temperatures.  This week storms were forecast for the Granada area but so far we only had a small downpour last night with a spot of tunder & lightening.  Supposed to be a few more stormy showers today and then sunshine & cloud for the rest of the week with temperatures around 22 degrees – wonderful.

We had our annual wood delivery the other week so we are now well stocked for the winter when it arrives (seems mad stocking up with wood when it’s 30 degree heat but it’s worth it – nice dry wood ready to go).

Work on the house continues and we are on the last part – the top floor at the front of the house.  The chapa roof is being lined out with 3 different types of insulation and the decorative beams are up and the wood panelling going in slowly.  Once all that’s done I think the new internal walls are next which will also be insulated.  All in all probably 6 months of work ahead but all being well by April 2015 we will be ready to start renting out rooms!!!!  Over the winter we’ll be starting to work on info for the website etc and waiting to see what the new rules are from the Junta de Andalucia for holiday rentals.

I’m planning a trip back to the UK at the beginning of December to see family & friends and to soak up all the festive atmosphere leading up to Christmas so hopefully I’ll get to have a drink with one or two of you.

Well that’s all for now – enjoy any warm weather that is left and have a great Autumn with all the changing colours that it brings.

Summer 2014

Apologies for not updating the blog for such a long time 🙁  Work on the house has been progressing well and after a long 6 months of work the new guest suite is now finished!!!  We are really pleased with it and was well worth all the hard work (on hubbys part).  It was recently christened when our old friend & his son visited and both guest rooms were tried out and given the thumbs up.

Our next job after our friends visit was to redecorate our own living quarters and I’m happy to say that our bedroom, bathroom & lounge are all now freshly decorated and looking good.  The log burner has been given a good sweep out and polish so fingers crossed this winter we won’t be suffering with smoke billowing out into the lounge everytime the door is opened.

As usual the summer has arrived with hot weather and the village is currently getting prepared to kick off with the annual summer fiesta this Thursday evening and it will go on till Sunday night.  The office is ready for Ginger to escape to and hide from the noise of the rockets, fireworks and marching bands.  Peace will return by Monday.

Work has now started on the final part of the house on the top floor to create the last  bedroom & ensuite and access to the guest terrace (stairs are there but it’s more a building site at the moment).  Fingers crossed and if all goes well we might have it finished by the Spring and be ready to start receiving paying guests.  The new rules for renting out property/rooms will be made available later in the year so we’ll see what we need to do to get registered.  In the meantime we’ll crack on with the work.

Hope you all enjoy your summer whatever you are up to and hopefully my next post will be a little sooner – probably Christmas!

Hasta luego