Spring Has Arrived

Well it’s been nearly 3 months since our last update and Spring has arrived here in the beautiful Lecrin Valley. Almond blossom has adorned the hillsides and the scent whilst out walking has been beautiful. The spring flowers are now appearing and the hillsides are looking green and fresh – perfect time of year to visit. The temperatures are on the up and it’s great for walking and mountain biking as it’s not too hot.

We managed to get a days snowboarding in during January when my brother visited and we had a great time. As we’ve been busy with the house I think that will be our only trip this year but it was good to know that after 5 years of no snowboarding we still remembered how to do it!!!

Work on the house is progressing well and at the end of January we moved into our new lounge and bedroom! It was great unpacking boxes of ornaments and belongings that hadn’t seen the light of day for the last 2 years – it was like Christmas all over again. It’s heaven being able to use our new ensuite and not having to negotiate the steps up and down to the old bathroom.

We are now working on the room which will become our new kitchen. All the plumbing and waste has been installed along with the conduit for the new electrics. Phil is currently tiling the floor area prior to us installing the new units. Once this is done it’ll be a trip down to Ikea in Malaga for the new kitchen. Although hubby hand built our last kitchen in the UK he’s decided to go down the Ikea route this time for speed as it was a lengthy job building units from scratch and we have so much more work ahead of us still. Fingers crossed we’ll have a working kitchen installed before our friend arrives for her holiday at the beginning of May.

Once the work on the kitchen has finished then our next job will be to remove the old roof above the store room in the old mill area – another skip will be required me thinks!!! We’ll be doing as much of the outside work as possible during the summer and then from October onwards we’ll move back to the work inside the house and hopefully start on the new guest rooms and their en suites.

The satellite work is quiet at the moment but that is expected due to the time of year and also the current economic climate in the UK. We are looking at other options to earn a crust but our main efforts are being channeled into the work on the house. The sooner the work gets completed the sooner we can start running as a B&B.

Well that’s all for now folks and all that remains is to wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Hasta Luego