August 2008 Fiesta in Pinos del Valle

This years fiesta kicks off on Friday 14th August and will carry on right through to Sunday 17th August. There will be all sorts of activities happening during the 4 days and everyone is welcome to join in, so if you happen to be visiting the area that weekend come up to the village and check out what’s happening. Most events start in the evening from 8pm onwards and a huge firework display is planned for the Saturday evening, 16th, at 10.30pm (weather permitting). There are processions through the village between the two churches and bands playing music every evening at the top of the village at Juncal from 11.30/Midnight onwards with food and drink available to keep you going through the night.  The fiesta is very popular and people come to the village from far and wide and it’s definitely a lively weekend with lots of rockets going off and lively music (not for those wanting a peaceful weekend that’s for sure).

For those who live in the village the Ayuntamiento are now taking donations to help towards the cost of the fiesta and in return you will receive a programme booklet and a free goodie – the cost of donation is 60 euros.

If you manage to come along we hope you enjoy the fiesta.

Hasta luego