Pinos Fiestas & Facilities


Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week)

Wednesday & Friday of Holy Week there are processions in the evening through the village with the Brotherhood of Pinos Del Valle.

Dia de la Cruz.  28, 29, 30 April & 1 May

This fiesta is in honor of our local saint Cristo del Zapato.  The villagers put on traditional outfits and decorate cars & trailers for the annual Romeria del 1 de Mayo.  This is followed by free food and drink for all.  See the YouTube clip for a taste of the fiesta.

Fiestas en honor of San Roque.  15, 16 & 17 August. 

This is the local fiesta which is celebrated in honor of San Roque, Virgen del Rosario and San Sebastian.

15th August is the day of the Virgen del Rosario and the day commences with a marching band through the streets around 9am and at mid-day there is a service/mass in the church (Parroquia) in the lower barrio in her honor.  This is followed by sangria & tapas for everyone afterwards.

Also held in the 15th is the race up to the Ermita above Pinos – “Carrera de montaña Santo Cristo Del Zapato”.  Sign up if you want a challenging run!!!

16th August is marked by a mass in honor of San Roque in the lower barrio church. This is followed later that evening by a procession and a display by the flag bearers who put on a rhythmic flag waving display set to waltz music played by the brass band. This tradition dates back 200 years and pays homage to the local saints and the Virgin del Rosario. This is watched with pride and admiration by villagers and visitors alike. When the solemn procession reaches the barrio of las Eras there is a spectacular fireworks display to honor the saints and Virgen.

Watch the video here

The day of 17 August honors San Sebastian and as per the previous day this starts with a mass in the lower barrio church, followed later that evening by another procession and flag waving display. This procession concludes with each saint being placed in their respective churches and a final heart felt tribute from all the villagers & visitors with the cry of “Viva san Roque, viva san Sebastian and viva la Virgen”.


Bank: Located on the main road as you enter the upper part of the village. Opening times vary. The bank has an ATM cash point.

Bakery: Juan de Dios bakery is open every day apart from Sundays and has a selection of fresh breads, croissants, napolitanas etc to enjoy and local specialties during Fiestas & Christmas.  Well worth a visit.

Bars: The nearest bar is “Bar Venecia” which is a brief walk from the house and opens from early morning – ideal for breakfast in the early morning sunshine on the terrace) and closes late in the evening – usually after the last customer has left. The bar is very friendly and provides free tapas with each alcoholic drink purchased. A “Menu del Dia” is also available Monday – Friday from 1–3pm and consists of a choice of starter, main &dessert and includes a drink. During the evenings a choice of “Raciones” are available – there is no set menu – just ask what is available on the day.

Shops: “Carniceria David” is located next to the church in the upper part of the village. People come from all over the valley for the fresh and cured meats sold here – chorizo, salchicon, jamon curado etc. If you are purchasing some to take home with you they will vac-pack your purchase. This shop is also open on a Sunday morning – the only one in the valley, which means it can get very busy!

Estanco – this is located in the lower barrio of the village just past the bus shelter on the right. This is a tobacconist as in Spain cigarettes can only be sold from an Estanco and they also sell stamps. 

Pharmacy: There are two pharmacies in the village – one in the upper part on the way down to bar Venecia and the other is located in the lower part of the village near the “Molino Antiguo” in the square.

Sports Area & Outdoor Gym: This is located at the top of the village next to the “Lavadera”.

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