Fiesta Time Again!!!!

Where has the time gone!!!  Doesn’t seem 5 minutes since we added our last entry and now we’re almost into May.  This weekend is the Fiestas de la Cruz in honor of Santo Cristo del Zapato – patron saint of Pinos del Valle.  On Saturday 1st May there will be the Romeria de Carrozas – when all the locals dress up their trailers, cars etc with flowers etc and parade around the streets.  Many will be dressed in traditional dress and friends and family will flock to the village for the fiesta.  Later on Saturday afternoon there will be the big free Paella feast and later on that night live music.  The village has been well spruced up in time for the fiesta and the sports area at the top of the village (where the festivities take place) has been painted and is looking very smart.  Sunday 2nd May will see the floral offering outside the church in the upper part of the village and many crosses will be decorated around the village for people to view.  Then later that night there will be the big firework display followed by more music and dancing well into the early hours.  Finally on Monday 3rd May the framed picture of Christ will be taken back up to the newly built hermitage and the village is invited to follow it up (not a walk taken lightly as it’s a steep climb and will sort the weak from the strong!).  Those that manage to make it to the top will be rewarded with food and drink to fortify them for the downward journey!

On the subject of the hermitage – it’s been well over a year since it was destroyed by lightening (see our post 1st March 2009) and finally the village has gathered enough money together from donations to have it rebuilt and after walking up there for an inspection the other weekend we can confirm it’s looking very smart now and there appears to be a viewing point which has been created behind the building.  The views from up there are stunning and well worth the tough walk up.  (Attached a few photos – more to come after fiesta).

Work on the house has been progressing (albeit a little slowly due to us being busy with our satellite/digital tv installation work – which is good considering the current economic climate) and we can report that the new floor is in, the new staircase built, dividing wall taken down to create the new guest lounge and now we need to start thinking about plastering the ceiling and walls.  However first the walls need “picking” to get off all the loose plaster or paint to prepare them – a killer on the arms and wrists!  Poco a poco as the locals say – little by little.

The weather has now warmed up considerably and the smell of orange blossom is wafting around the valley – beautiful.  The roadside verges are full of colour with the spring flowers and after the abundant winter rain everywhere is looking lush and green.  My clematis on the patio are in full bloom and looking gorgeous and for the first time since I bought it, my lilac tree is in flower and smells heavenly.

We’re looking forward to my friend visiting very soon and hope she likes the new bedroom and ensuite which we finally finished at the start of the year.  She’ll be the first to try it out! There’s quite a bit of work done since her last visit so lots to see.

Well that’s all for now folks – more updates soon.