Work On The New Guest Lounge Ceiling Starts

Work has started again in earnest and we have ripped out the old Azotea floor which also forms the ceiling area above what will be the new guest lounge.  We started just over 2 weeks ago and it’s been hard, dirty, dusty work but by the last weekend in January we had the old floor up and the old beams out and now (first weekend in Feb) we have the new steel and concrete beams up ready to fill in and cover with concrete.  Fingers crossed, and all being well next weekend will entail 2 days of solid concrete mixing & laying the new floor.  Once that’s all done we can fix up the shuttering to cast the ramps to the new stairs which will lead up from the lounge to the top floor and guest terrace.  It’s our last REALLY BIG JOB to do on the house and everything after that will seem insignificant (although there is still loads to do!). Fingers crossed by end March the main structure will be finished and the new steps can be put in (the ramps need a month to set properly).  We need to get this work finished as soon as possible as it’s all part of a project we’ve had to have drawn up by our architect to approve and legalise all the work that we’ve done on the house so far.  An unexpected cost but we’ve had to get it done.  Hopefully by the summer we can start working back on the hallway downstairs and try to get the walls all plastered and it looking less like a building site.

The weather this winter has been very wet again and the reservoirs are virtually full – first time in 3 or 4 years so at least there will be no water shortages this year.  The valley is looking very green and the almond trees are now all in blossom and they smell wonderful.

Fred & Ginger (our 2 adopted dogs) are well although they went missing for 2 days and so far only Ginger has returned – she’s left Fred somewhere up in the hills above the village but I’m sure he’ll be back later as he’s not eaten for 2 days so will be very hungry!  They go off from time to time on their little expeditions into the hills but usually turn up again when they are hungry.  They usually spend a couple of days then just sleeping in the house while they get their energy back and then get bored and go off again!  It’s a dog’s life and we are the doggy hotel!

Well better go as things to do but will put an update on here again when we’ve got a bit further with the building work.

Hasta luego