Plastering The New Guest Lounge

At last we have started to plaster the new guest lounge!!  I’ve done my part by spending the last week slowly picking away at the walls to remove all the old lose plaster and paint in order for hubby to pva the walls and start plastering.  Slowly it is beginning to take shape and I can visualise what it will eventually look like.  Once the plasterings finished I can get on and paint the walls once it’s all dried.  We’ve had to crack on with the work on this room as my brother and his girlfriend and her young son are coming over to stay with us for 10 days and as we only have one guest bedroom & en-suite finished we need to make the guest lounge into a temporary bedroom for the lad.  We have until 18 July to get as much done as possible and all being well we’ll have it ready for their visit.

Until last week the weather has been hot and sunny but this last week has turned quite cool and today we’ve had a torrential downpour (had to take the drain cover up on little terrace as it was filling up like a pool!).  Fingers crossed the sun will be out by Wednesday and we’ll be hotting up again.  It’s unusual to have this much rain in June and glad we’ve finished most of the outside work as this time last year we had started taking a roof off!!  We would have had an indoor swimming pool then!

We’ve been kept busy with our digital satellite & terrestrial tv work and so have to catch the few days here and there to carry on with the work on the house.  We are glad we are busy with tv work as there are a lot of people out of work here.  As long as we can keep ticking over we’re happy.  We get a lot of work inland in the Jaen & Priego de Cordoba region as there seem to be quite a few Brits still buying houses up that way due to better prices – more for your money.  It’s quite a drive up there but beautiful scenery and we get to see so many new places.  Beats sitting in a city traffic jam on the way to work!!

I’ve acquired a new mode of transport – a motor scooter!!!  It’s a 125cc so nice and nippy and I got it at a good price from our local Fishmonger!  It was his wifes but now they have two little children she didn’t use it anymore and so was selling it.  It only has 3,000km on the clock and is like new.  It’s been well looked after and had it’s regular services.  I never thought I’d be back on 2 wheels again and it’s a little different from riding a proper motorbike but once you get used to it, it’s so easy and comfy to ride.  Back in the day when I was a hardened biker I wouldn’t have been seen riding a scooter, but now the years have passed I’ve mellowed and am happy to have my own transport again! (Years ago my dad had a scooter and I have a photo of me as a baby sitting on his knee whilst he perched on his scooter, so perhaps it was destiny that one day I’d have one too). It’s ideal for nipping into Durcal for the local market and for getting around the valley.  Not sure hubby is too pleased I’m back on 2 wheels again but I’m certainly not burning rubber – nice sedate pace for me now!
Well that’s all for now folks.