Update on the Building Work

Well the building is going well and with the greatly appreciated help of my brother, we now have the new first floor above the mill area/workshop! It was hard work with lots of heavy lifting done by the 2 blokes (I did help with putting the steel beams up just before my brother arrived so I did my bit!) and then 2 solid days of me mixing concrete, my brother hauling it up in buckets and then hubby laying it down and smoothing it out. But it was well worth the hard work and we finally got to walk on the finished floor this weekend and marked out where the rooms are going. Now it’s on to the next task of ordering the building materials and getting stuck in with the removal of the roof and putting the new one on – should take us about 3 weeks (we hope not longer) and we’re keeping our fingers crossed the rains hold off till it’s all done! Hoping to get started at the end of October so keep everything crossed for us!!

Hasta luego