No roof off yet!

Had our next lot of concrete beams delivered towards the end of October for the new roof (this time 42!). These arrived just before our other friends flew out for a weeks holiday with us. Thankfully Mick kindly gave Phil a hand moving the beams to the house and then we all chilled out and relaxed for a week.

Once our friends flew back to Blighty we resumed work on the house and managed to get the big supporting concrete beams up onto the first floor and into place ready for the roof to come off (thankfully we didn’t need steel beams this time as these were 5m but they’re still damn heavy!). In the meantime however we received an offer we couldn’t refuse – to take over the fitting of Sky Digital Satellite systems for the area! The chap that was doing it has moved away and we got the chance to take it over. Needless to say the answer was YES and so now in between our building work we install Sky systems in the area as well. I go along to help out as it takes two to get the signal set up and I help with the fetching & carrying and setting up of the Sky Boxes whilst hubby is fitting the satellite dish. The work comes to us on an adhoc basis which means we can fit it in around the rest of the stuff we’re doing which is good. So fingers crossed the Sky installations continue to be a lucrative sideline.

In the meantime we’ve now come to a standstill on the work for the roof due to the inconsistent weather! We’ve decided to leave it now until I get back from my brief visit to the UK in early December to see family, friends & old work colleagues before Christmas arrives. So fingers crossed if the weather holds off when I get back mid December we’ll start taking the roof off then! (Most people decorate their houses just before Christmas but we decide to take a roof off and put a new one on!!!!). Keep your fingers crossed for us the weather stays stable & dry during December in Spain!

Well that’s all for now folks.

Hasta luego