The Work on the Roof Continues!

Sorry for the tardiness in updating the blog however we’ve been pretty busy with the digital satellite tv installations and in between these doing work on the roof. During April the weather here didn’t help as it was pretty wet and the days we had spare to work on the house it always seemed to be raining! Think it’s one of the wettest Aprils they’ve had on record for quite a few years! However at last the sun is out and the temperature is on the up. Our tans are coming on a treat with all the work we are doing outside.

The work on the roof is now in the last stages and we are hoping that by end June/early July it will be finished and we can start on the inside. We’ve already built the internal walls to divide up the space into a new lounge/dinner, bedroom & ensuite. The next stage will be to knock through in to the main house and then install some windows. After that it’s all the plumbing, electrics, rendering and plastering of walls etc. The plan is that we’ll be able to move into the new lounge & bedroom area by the winter as we are installing a log burner to heat that half of the house and it should be a lot warmer. Once we are in there we can start work on the main part of the house. Still a long way to go but it’s keeping us out of mischief and it’s nice seeing the completed work knowing that it’s us that’s done it all.

Well that’s all for now – fingers crossed the next update will be to say the roof is done – but we’re not promising anything!

Hasta luego