The Roof Is Nearly Finished!!!

Well we’re pleased to report that we have now got all the concreting done on the new roof and have sealed the area with a waterproof membrane. All that now remains to be done is the tiling of the roof, which at 50 sq. metres is no small job, however we’re two thirds of the way there now and can at last see light at the end of the tunnel – fingers crossed we’ll have it all done by end Apri.

Concreting 50sq metres took us 2 days of solid graft with a total of 15 hours work. We had the much needed help of one of our friends who gave us a few hours of their time over the 2 days to help with the mixing of the cement, so a big thank you to Nick. To make life a little easier we also hired an electronic winch and special barrow so that we could haul up larger quantities of the grey stuff and so speed up the process. However it took 3 of us to get the winch up to the top of the scaffolding as it weighed a fair bit but at least we managed it. Thankfully we had good weather for the whole of the weekend we were working.

The weather now is getting warmer during the daytime – so much so that we are working in shorts & t-shirts some days but we do get some extremely strong winds up here. In fact so strong the other week they recorded gusts of up to 130km/hr! Needlesstosay we’ve had a few call outs from people who need their satellite dishes realigning!! Good for business.

Well that’s all for now folks – hopefully our next posting will be to say the roof is a completed project!!

Hasta luego