Summer Has Arrived!

Well summer has well and truely arrived and we have temperatures up in the mid to high 30’s – great when you are relaxing on holiday but having to work in the heat is another matter!  Even the fish in the resevoir below Pinos are suffering and hundreds have died from what the authorities think is oxygen starvation due to an increase in algae in the water, but they are still doing more tests – tests on the water came back normal.  I could see fish floating on the surface when I passed by this morning on my way out of the village.

We’ve made a start on our new porch and have built the new brick archway and tiled the floor and step to the new front door.  We’re tiling the inner walls and the next job is to put the finish on the walls before we can paint.  Then we can add the finishing touches and it’s all done and can move on to the next job – cladding the lower part of the exterior walls in stone.  Suffering with a broken ankle put hubbys work plan back by 6 months so we need to get as much done on the outside whilst we have dry weather and then move back to the work inside.

Still keeping busy with the TV work and other bits and pieces so no chance of us getting bored!!

Our local Fiesta, San Roque, takes place in August from 12 – 16th.  The peace and tranquility of the village is shattered and you can’t find a place to park but they do have a good time!!

Well that’s all for now folks – have a great summer whatever you do.