Happy New Year

Well here we are in 2011 and work is continuing on the street at the side of our house.  They have now put new sewage pipes and water pipes in and the street has been dug down, old rocks taken out, leveled out with gravel and wire mesh laid!  Today they came to start laying the new surface but rain stopped play so to speak.  As it’s the weekend no more will be done till Monday now and weather is looking better for then.  Up until now we’ve had a mild sunny week with just the evenings getting a bit nippy.

We had an eventful Christmas – we went up to the Sierra Nevada to do some snowboarding on Christmas Day and met our friends up there.  Weather wasn’t great with very limited visibility but we thought “what the hec”.  We managed to get some runs in and stopped for a coffee/chocolate break at mid-day.  After that we thought we’d go up for another run then try a different one.  However after getting off the lift and only a short way down hubby took a tumble and hurt his ankle.  He couldn’t snowboard down to the bottom so I hiked back up to the ski lift with him to see if he could hop on to get down.  However the weather had got so bad they’d stopped the lift so they had to call for a snowmobile to take him down and I had to make my own down in virtual “white-out”.  Bad enough but as my board had been sitting in the snow it had iced up on the edges and was running backwards!  After scraping the ice off I managed to get it going in the right direction and got down to the center.  I met up with our friends and made our way to the Red Cross center only to be told they’d taken hubby down to the main Medical Center.  We made our way down there and I found him laying on a steel table with his leg in the air and a man putting bandages around it.  Thinking it was only a bad sprain I then found out he’d broken his ankle (he did say he heard it crack twice when he fell!).  After sorting out all the paperwork we borrowed a wheelchair and our friends helped us get back down to the car and hubby settled inside the passenger seat.  After returning the wheelchair we waved goodbye to our friends and we made our way home (thankfully they were staying up at the ski resort for a couple of days and got an excellent days skiing in the following day – which was clear and sunny – totally the opposite to Christmas Day).  Not exactly a Christmas present we’d wanted – I managed to buy some crutches from the local Pharmacy (25 euros which I thought was very reasonable) and he’s hobbling around the house on those and also using my office chair to whizz around on (thank goodness our living area is virtually on one level.)  Two weeks have passed since the break and two more to go before we have to go and get another x-ray to see if it’s healed enough to take the cast off.  In the meantime as he can’t do any work he’s honing his driving skills on the PS3 with Formula 1 and GT5!

Well that’s all for now – will let you know when hubby gets de-plastered!!

Hasta luego