Building Work Update – Oct 2007

Things are progressing slowly – we’ve been busy with satellite installations and some friends came to visit which gave us an excuse to down tools and have some R&R with them. However we can report that all the internal walls are up and rendered in the new section on the first floor.

The ceilings took the longest to plaster but at last they are all done now. We’ve now got the new toilet, sink & bidet for the ensuite and have ordered the taps and tiles for the floor and walls. There is still a long way to go as the walls all have to be plastered yet and Phil needs to knock out the wall in the garage below to put the new garage door in before we carry on upstairs. We’ve got a pile of rubble upstairs that needs to go so we may as well order a skip to get rid of that and the rubble from the wall coming out for the new garage door. We were hoping to be settled into our new half of the house by Xmas but that’s not going to happen now – think it’ll be more like Spring. Still we’ll get there in the end – these things never go to plan and you just have to go with the flow and not get stressed about it. One nice thing living here – stress never seems to raise it’s ugly head very often.

We’ve now changed the plan for the layout of the house again and are going to put the new kitchen upstairs on the first floor next to our new lounge & bedroom. The dining room will also be on the first floor and the two new bedrooms will be on the ground floor. We think this will work better and it will be easier from a plumbing point of view. However I don’t think we’ll be starting work on that lot until Summer next year!! With the way things are going I can’t see us having it all finished for at least another 2 years but we always have one bedroom ready for any family or friends who want to come and visit us for some R&R and sunshine (as long as they don’t mind a bit of dust and a home that’s a “work in progress”!).

Well that’s all for now folks.

Hasta luego