Best Wishes for 2009 – Hope you survive the year unscathed!

First of all we would like to wish you all a very Happy 2009 and hope you come through the current credit crunch unscathed.

We had a nice quiet Christmas and went up to the ski resort on Christmas Day to do some snowboarding and it was brilliant! Nice blue skies, not too many people and great snow conditions. We arrived at 9.00am and left at around 5pm so had a full day on the slopes – highly recommended. We are hoping to get up there again a couple of times between now and the end of the season – mid week is best when there are less people.

On 6th Jan we went to the annual Conchar Mosto Wine Festival but only stayed for an hour as the wind was icy cold and our hands were frozen but we did manage to get 3 different tasings of mosto and very good they were too. This year they had designed new drinking vessels so we have 2 new ones now in our collection!

Just like the UK we’ve been having cold weather here too – not quite as cold as UK but enough to give us snow in the village one night! It’s been pretty windy this week and with an icy edge to it. Not good if you are working outside. Phil is in the middle of doing up the front balcony ready to install a new door (he finished the other balcony last week) – hopefully we’ll get the new door in next week but we have to wait for a dry day and at the moment the weather is up and down. Hopefully drier next week. After that jobs done we need to hire another skip and have a big clear out ready to move stuff around so work can start on some of the rooms on the ground floor.

We have finally decided to bite the bullet and get ADSL installed at home and we’ve found a pretty good deal that also gives us 300 mins of free UK calls per month, free local & national spanish calls and also a cheap dial number for friends and family to call us on from the UK and it only costs 3p/min. If you want to give us a call for a chat then the new number is – 08445987008. We are still waiting for the ADSL connection but have the router ready and waiting – hopefully we’ll get the call within the next week to say it is all set up and we can plug in and start using it.

Not a lot else has happened since Xmas but hopefully by the time we get around to updating the blog some more work on the house will have happened. We seem to go in fits and starts at the moment. So for now we’ll bid you adios and update you soon on what’s happening.