Pinos del Valle Walking & MTB/BTT Routes

There are lots of paths and walking/cycling routes to explore around Pinos and the surrounding countryside.  We will start to share a few with you here on our website using Wikloc.  There are 100’s of trails available to download and enjoy on Wikloc for the Lecrin Valley and surrounding area so check it out.

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(1)  Sendero del Jabali (The Wild Boar Trail) – Our first one is a 2/2.5 hour walk/MTB trail starting and ending at the Lavadero at the top of Pinos on the Juncal road (by the Sportsground).  This is also the starting point for the popular walk up to the Ermita.  Visit Wikiloc for more information.  There is an additional loop you can tag on to extend the walk/mtb ride and this can also be found here on Wikiloc thanks to Fernan2g.

We also have a video of the trail on YouTube.

Details of the full MTB/BTT trail can also be found here on Wikloc:

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Visit Granada Play to discover more about the valley and Granada and to read up about our recent walk along Sendero del Jabali with members of Turismo Valle de Lecrin.

(2)  The walk up to the Ermita Cristo del Zapato – Cerro Chinchirilla is a really popular walk and visitors come from far and wide to hike up to the Ermita and enjoy the stunning views.  Click here for more info. from WikilocTrails:  Ermita Cristo del Zapato – Cerro Chinchirilla

(3)  There is a pleasant circular walk from Casa Molino which follows part of the route up to the Ermita but branches off to the left at the black water pipe and takes you through the pine trees to a round water deposit.  You follow the path down to the side of the deposit and it will bring you back to the village via the main road & local track.  Click here for more info:  Water Deposit Walk – Casa Molino, Pinos del Valle

Photo waypoints and GPS info: Click here

If you want to explore the wider Lecrin Valley then follow the Boabdil Route – full details on the Turismo Valle de Lecrin website.  Alternatively download their routes from the Wikiloc website – Lecrins Rural Trails