November Brings the Snow on the Mountains

Well after a very mild October, November finally brought us the cold air and snow high up on the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  We managed to postpone the lighting of the log burner until 2nd November but then our resolve broke and we now have a warm snug lounge every evening when we light the fire.  The days continue to be bright and sunny with the odd day of rain but the temperatures have certainly dropped.  One minute we are walking about in shorts, t-shirt and sandles and the next we are in jeans and jackets!  The nights are drawing in now and by 6.30pm it’s dark so we make sure Ginger gets her walk before the light goes.

Work continues on the top floor and the landing area is nearly finished – hubby has worked really hard to get this done and we are off this week to get stair tiles ordered so he can carry on and fingers crossed by January we will have a completed stairway & landing to the top floor.  Then work commences on the 3rd bedroom & bathroom.  Fingers crossed by May this might be finished.  We are already starting to think about renting the rooms out and you may have noticed by our website that it’s been reconfigured with some info. about the Guesthouse posted.  This is a work in progress and subject to continual updates until we are ready to open but it gives an idea of what will be on offer.  So if you fancy a long weekend break or a few days up on the ski slopes give us a call and we will get you booked in.