2012 – Hot, Hot, Hot….

Well summer certainly hit us this week with temperatures here in Pinos rising above 40 degrees!  There was a breeze blowing but it felt like sticking your head in a fan oven – not even Ginger wanted to go out for a walk in the heat! The cross we have to bear for living in this beautiful part of Spain (“lucky buggars” I hear you muttering back in the UK as you dodge the latest downpour)!!!  Over the winter months, when it can get down to freezing temperatures here in the mountains, we forget just how hot it can get.  For those lucky few with pools, they can dip in and out to cool off, for the rest of us we just have to keep drinking the beer!!!

Another new website is The Lecrin Valley, providing information about our beautiful area and some of it’s history.  August is fiesta time here in Spain so we’ll soon have our senses bombarded with loud rockets going off, marching bands & the usual mid-night fiesta music – I’m sure Ginger can’t wait!!!!!

Back to more news on what we’ve been up to.  At last the Utility/Store area is now all painted and finished!  It took a while but was worth it.  I spent a couple of days unpacking some of the boxes that have been storing odds and ends for the last 6 years and these have now found places in the new cupboards etc.  Slowly our box pile is going down.  In the current economic climate I think we’ll be here for a while.  Some other jobs done are: side of the house all newly painted, roof tiles pointed up, last new downstairs window in & new reja – decorative bars, fitted (recycled stair rails – hubby has slowly been dismantling our stair rails to make new rejas – just have to be careful when going up and down stairs now – we’ll get new ones eventually – it’s all part of the plan – well his plan). Reja now painted and window ledges sealed.  Next job is to sort out the corner of the old mill area at the back of the house where we store all our “stuff” so that things can be moved around and placed in some sort of order to give us space to start work on another area of the house.   It’s like a game of chess with strategic movements of furniture/boxes to give us space to proceed with the next lot of work.  So as you can see we’ve been keeping busy with one thing or another and one day I’ll be reporting that at last the work is done and we can finally open as a B&B, BUT until then we’ll get our heads down and carry on!

Looking foward to seeing my friend again who is coming to visit in September and having some R&R time together.

Well that’s all for now folks.