Autumn Has Arrived

Where has the time gone – can’t believe we are just 8 weeks away from Christmas!  Don’t want to think about it just yet.

Work on the side of the house has come on a lot and hubby’s been busy continuing the stone cladding along the side street and put the last new window in.  He’s also got the new side door in and so happy the old metal one has gone (everytime you opened it there was such a noise – now we have a lovely new rustic wooden door and a new little porch.  He’s now working on the tile work on the rest of the side wall.  (We’ve decided to put tile cladding on the remaining part of the wall as it is where the house naturally splits and in the future the house could possibly be split in two and half sold off – we’re keeping our options open and always thinking ahead for potential saleablity.  We’ve already got 2 water meters fitted and the electric box has been put in for future development potential).  Considering we lost 5 months of work on the house due to his broken ankle things have moved on quite a bit.  The aim is to get just about all the ouside finished before the worst of the winter sets in and then carry on working on the inside of the house.  Some how don’t think we’ll be snowboarding this Christmas!  Not sure what we’ll be doing this year – will play it by ear.

Happy Hallowean and another update to come before Christmas.