Still on Crutches!

Well after our last visit to the hospital in Granada they took the cast of Phil’s foot but told him NOT to put any weight on it for another 4 weeks – just exercise the joint by rotating and flexing it!  We are due back at the hospital on 21st March for another x-ray and to see the consultant and then hopefully we’ll have some good news and Phil can start to stand on 2 feet again!  It’ll be 3 months since he broke it and boy is it taking longer to heal than we anticipated.  Understandably Phil is bored stiff and frustrated he can’t do any work on the house or work for our satellite TV customers.  We’ve been keeping in touch with our customers who have been so understanding and willing to wait for us to do the work and we are keeping fingers crossed that by mid April we can start working again and catching up on all our installations etc.  It’s going to take a couple of weeks, once Phil’s able to stand on two feet again, for him to get some flexibility and strength back in his ankle and leg and he doesn’t want to do too much and have a set back so we are going to have to take it steady but he’s got a plan to help protect his ankle whilst he’s working – wearing his motor-x boots!!!  They are very stiff and supportive so hopefully will help when he’s climbing the ladder.  Just hope his swollen foot has gone down enough to get them on!!

Weather here is a mix of sunny days and cold evenings with a few days of rain here and there, so not bad really.  Once we get to April then the weather should really start to pick up and already the evenings aren’t getting dark till gone 7pm so when they put the clocks forward it will really feel like Spring has arrived with lovely long days ahead of us.  Phil’s already got his new “hat” in preparation to keep the sun off during the summer – an Indiana Jones hat, and I must say he does look very fetching in it – just needs the whip now!!!!
Will keep you posted on how Phil gets on after his next visit.

Hasta luego