Phil’s Surprise Visitor

Had 4 lovely days this week with Phil (11 – 14 June) and managed to surprise him by taking his mum along to see him. He didn’t have a clue and was so surprised to see her walking through the arrivals hall with me at Malaga! We were all a little tired as the flight was delayed by 4 hours and we didn’t land until 3am, so by the time we’d driven back to the house and settled down we ended up going to bed just as the sun was rising and the birds started chirping! Despite this we all got up around 11.30am and had a lazy day showing Bet, Phil’s mum, around Pinos del Valle.

On the Monday we took Bet to Granada and walked up to the San Nicolas viewing point to give her a view the Alhambra Palace. I think she was duly impressed! We then walked into the Albazin area and visited a great bar that we’ve found which serves a fantastic plate of assorted fried fish! After washing down our lunch with a few ice cold beers we headed back down the narrow streets and visited a few of the “souk” style shops on our way back to the car. We then headed across Granada to our solicitors office to collect the copy of our Title Deeds to the house and tie up a few loose ends. I think Bet was surprised when she met our solicitor as the following day she described him as “quite dishy” – I think she thought he’d be old, stiff & starchy – certainly not a way to describe our solicitor I can assure you!

The Tuesday was spent visiting a few of the valleys villages and exploring the narrow streets and sampling the local food and drink at the bars – very civilised way to spend the day. That evening we had our English neighbour and her friend over for drinks and tapas and spent a lovely evening chatting about the village etc.  They then invited us over on the Sunday evening for drinks and a tour of their house and it was lovely to see what can be created from what was a tumbled down wreck. The house is rented out as a holiday home and if anyone is interested in renting somewhere for a week or more in the village then I can certainly put you in touch with our neighbour who lives in the UK. I think she charges around £300 – £350/week and the house can sleep 6 people and has a pool. There’s a lovely roof terrace and views across the orange grove. As our B&B won’t be ready for at least 12 months this would be a great place to stay if you wanted to explore the area and be close to us. Just click on the comments link above and leave me a message and I’ll get back to you and put you in touch with the owner if you are interested in renting the house.

Wednesday came around all too quickly but before we headed back to Malaga we took Phil’s mum to Salobrena, the nearest beach resort, on the Costa Tropical, and had a walk down by the beach and then up through the old part of town to the Moorish Castle that stands high up at the top of the old town. Of course we had to stop off for liquid refreshment and some tapas and it so happened that Spain was playing their match against Estonia. Needless to say the sounds of cheers and whistles blowing in our ears made it an interesting experience and the Spanish were well pleased with the 4 – 0 victory!

Well that’s all for now – only 3 more weeks and I’ll be out in sunny Spain with Phil and getting ready to mix concrete!

Hasta luego
Mel & Phil