Living In Spain At Last!!

Well here I am – at last living in Spain with Phil! I’ve been here just over a week now and still can’t believe I’m actually living here and not just on holiday! I’m sitting here on our roof terrace typing this entry up on my laptop – what joy not to be tied to a desk – the days I sat in my office looking outside at the lovely sunny weather and wishing I could move my desk outside – well I can now!! The weather as you can imagine is sunny & hot but as it’s a dry heat it’s more bearable and most nights cool down nicely so that you can sleep. Above our bed Phil has fitted our old ceiling fan we bought back with us from South Africa so we have a lovely circulation of air above us whilst we sleep – perfect. Brings back memories of our time living in sunny South Africa!

Went out with Phil on Monday to Mezquita (very flash builders merchants by UK standards) to source some materials for a bathroom refit Phil is doing for someone. Phil has already refitted their kitchen there and they were so pleased with it they’ve asked if Phil could do the bathroom too. Phil’s just about finished all the ripping out and refitting of the waste pipes and is now building the new walls for the shower area. Hopefully next week the tiles and sanitary wear will arrive ready for the next stage. Hopefully it will all be finished by the time the owners arrive in 2 weeks time. Phil’s also got to fit a new door to the bathroom and then re-tile the inner area area that leads to the roof terrace and also fit a new door to that too – so as you can see he’s being kept busy. We’re hoping to get started on the stable block to our place perhaps at the beginning of August – a lot of the work to start with will be inside replacing the floors and we’re hoping to get on to the roof refit by mid/late September. Fingers crossed it’ll be done by mid October. At least then the rest of the work is all inside so it won’t matter about the weather. One more job to try and get done will be the windows to make the house warmer during the winter – currently the old ones have missing glass and don’t close properly!

I’ve been keeping myself occupied this week by relaxing and wandering about the village visiting the local shops and chatting to our neighbourss – a good way to try out my Spanish. I also visited the local market on Tuesday and of course came away with another couple of plants (those of you who know me realise I can’t walk past a plant stall without buying something!). We also took a trip to one of the garden centres down the coast at Motril and bought a few more plants for the window boxes – so everything is looking nice and colourful now. I also spent yesterday clearing out the boxes from the front bedroom into the one at the back so that we can make the room into a proper bedroom for family & friends who are visiting us over the next few months. It’s a lovely room with a great view down to the lower barrio of the village with the church tower of San Roque and the mountains in the background. The next thing is to by a couple of single beds and some bedroom furniture – that might be our mission at the weekend.

Had a bit of a problem the other night just after Phil got home all dusty and sweaty from the demolition of the old bathroom at Chite – there was no water!!! After about half an hour I decided to go out and investigate to see if there were any notices advising us of any cuts (there’s work going in the middle of the village where they are replacing a lot of pipework and wondered if it had anything to do with this). I got as far as 200 yards down
the road from the house and met up with our neighbour (the one who ownes the grey donkey) and asked if he’d got any water (all in Spanish as he speaks not a word of English) – to which replied “no tengo agua tambien” – I don’t have water too. It turned out the water was out all over the village – it appeared someone had cut through the pipe!! Another of the local ladies joined us and we proceeded to have a long conversation about the lack of water and what we were going to do if it didn’t come back on later – consensus was we were all going to grab buckets and containers and take a walk up to the local “lavadora” – washing area, and collect the water from there – it flows from a natural spring. It’s not supposed to be drinking water but Phil says he’s seen locals drinking it. At least we could use it to flush the loo and have a wash. After about half an hour of chatting with our neighbour about this and that and making him laugh when I got some of my words mixed up and totally cocked up the context of the conversation (I twigged after about 5 minutes and got it back on the right track), I walked back home to tell Phil what was happening. We decided to have supper and then see if the water was back on – if not it was a walk up to the top of the village. As luck would have it water returned around 10pm so at least we were able to have a nice shower before bedtime!

Well that’s about all for now – hope everyone is keeping well and that you are not working
too hard!

Hasta luego

Mel 😉