Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!  For those back in the UK – enjoy the lovely sunny, warm weather, for those over here in Spain – make sure you have an umbrella with you!!  We’ve got the UK’s usual bank holiday weather!!  Still at least we know we’ll definitely get a hot, sunny summer.

Just about caught up on our backlog of satellite tv work and now feeling a lot more relaxed.  Back at the hospital 12 May and see what the x-ray brings up for Phil’s ankle.  If all looking good then we’ll order 5 tonne of sand and start working again on the house.  Lots to do on the outside to finish it off and to build the new entrance porch.  Once this is done we’ll start back on the inside work.

I’m busy looking after a few more rental houses this year and if anyone is interested in visiting the area click on any of the links to the right to view some of the properties.  If there are just 2 – 4 of you then Casa Abuela is a lovely village house in the lower part of Pinos del Valle.  If you decide to book some time there let them know you saw it on Mels blog site.

That’s all for now folks.

Hasta luego.

Mel & Phil