Easter in Pinos del Valle

Walking trailEaster week (Samana Santa) was lovely – 11 whole days spent with Phil and the chance to really get to know our new home. It was lovely to relax, go for walks, and ride the bikes in the local countryside (campo). Those of you that know us well will know that “ride the bikes” doesn’t mean gently rolling along country roads – more like some hard slogging up steep hills and then some serious off road downhill riding!!! At least our reward was to stop off halfway on the Sunday ride at Miguel’s bar in the village of Niguelas for a few well earned drinks and fantastic free tapas! We’d arranged to meet up with a friend of ours,John, who moved to the area from the south of England nearly two years ago and he brought along his English neighbour and friend who was visiting for a week or so from the UK. The drink flowed and we had a good laugh before they departed for their traditional “Sunday lunches” which the wives were busily preparing back at the houses. For us though it was the 2nd stage of our Sunday ride and a wickedly fast downhill section on some great off road tracks following the dried up river bed! After a few drink any inhibitions go out the window and you just “go for it”. After the downhill bit came a great section through the orange groves and then finally the bit we were dreading – a 5km uphill slog back to the village of Pinos del Valle where our house, Casa Molino, is based! We made it and even managed a quick blast down one of the village tracks before finally arriving back home for a well earned rest on the roof terrace!! The surrounding hills and countryside are so green at the moment as Spain appears to have received more rain than here in the UK. Not only is it looking nice and green but the wild spring flowers are in full bloom and the swathes of wild lavendar and other deep purple flowers mixed with yellows and the odd deep red poppy are a real feast for the eyes. The smell of lavendar and wild rosemary is beautiful and hits the nose as you walk or ride through the campo. The next smell to experience will be in May when the orange & lemon blossom appears – absolutely wonderful and really lifts the spirits. Easter week (Samana Santa) is very special to the Spanish people, being predominently Catholic, and many holy processions take place all over the country with many in the big cities being televised. We managed to get along to the Good Friday processions in Padul but only managed to last out till 10.15pm before heading home – they were due to carry on till 3am but as it had started to rain we decided not to hang about! However the few hours we spent watching the many processions slowly pass by was a great experience and there’s a link under the Photos page with a few choice photos for you to look at! Before we knew it Easter was over and it was time for me to fly back to the UK but at least I have my next trip to look forward to which is this May bank holiday weekend with a couple of days tagged on – roll on Friday evening when I land in Malaga and Phil is waiting there for me at the airport!! That’s all for now folks – keep logging on to the site for more updates.

Hasta luego Mel & Phil 😉

Link to photos available now on “Photo” page.