At last – walking on 2 feet!!

At last Phil’s been given the go ahead to start walking on both feet again and is starting to get some strength back in his foot and leg.  The x-ray showed the break hasn’t totally healed yet but the doctor told him to start getting some flex back in the foot.  We go back on 12th May for another x-ray and review to see how the healing process is going.  We’ve started doing some satellite tv work this week – the easier stuff and have now started booking all our backlog of jobs to start catching up from next week.  Don’t want to over do it as up and down ladders puts a lot of strain on the foot/ankle.  Hopefully no problems.  The Dr did say it can take from 6 months to a year for this type of break to fully recover!   As for snowboarding next season – we’ll have to see!!

Weather lovely and warm this week and in the mid 20’s.

Luego para ahora.

Mel & Phil